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Founded in Zaragoza, in 1966, it has occupied its present site on Malpica Industrial Estate since 1980.
Originally dedicated to the manufacture of metallic stearates, it now concentrates its activity on the manufacture of carboxylic acid derivatives.
Technically, these products are metallic salts and esters from fatty acids of animal or vegetable origin and from acids or di-acids of a synthetic nature.
In general these products are used as lubricants for their fatty characteristics, as stabilizers and catalysers for their metal content, and as dispersers and processing aids for their mixed character; in short, in a wide range of sectors.
Membership of FACI group , a leading business in the sector, generates synergy of commercial, productive and research performance which assures a high level of confidence and reliability in the different fields of application.
Wide experience and constant dedication to technological innovation ensure production and supply of our products within international quality standards in a framework of complete respect for the environment and for human health.



“With reference to the fact that FACI Group operates globally and has a long and successful history and reputation as a reliable global player in chemical, during last 40 years FACI Group has never dealt with any terroristic regime and/or related organization.

With reference also to the fact that FACI Group has presence in the United States and has not, nor is willing to have, any operation in IRAN, FACI Group shall fully comply with any possible regulation as a consequences of the  withdrawal of the United States from the JCPOA, therefore FACI Group has intensified its best practices and procedures to have a better knowledge of its customers in order to avoid any deal with prohibited and/or sanctioned counterparts.”

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